Woodworking & Cabinetry

logcabin1_350Woodworking & Custom Cabinet Making

Our woodworking and cabinetry shop has a highly qualified, professional staff with over 180 years of combined experience.

Our unique advantages include:

  • A large variety of equipment, cutters, knives and shapers to allow us to build an almost limitless selection of unique custom millwork.
  • About 50% of our new kitchen installations include custom cabinets manufactured in our shop facility.
  • We can also match the style, color and finish of existing cabinets, and build new cabinets to match existing in many home remodeling projects.
  • We have experience building custom furniture, one-of-a-kind cabinets, built-in units, stairs, railings and banisters, custom window casements and door units.
  • For historically accurate projects, we can match most existing architectural details such as floor boards, moldings, dentils and entableture.