Clifton Springs

Ashton Springs Patio Homes are located in the Victorian village of Clifton Springs, New York. Clifton Springs is noted for its exceptional medical facilities and services to the people of this country community since 1840.

Because Ashton Springs Patio Homes are built close to the village, many people enjoy taking a leisurely stroll to the library, bank, churches, and shops.

The Village of Clifton Springs offers a variety of restaurants, services and shops that are within easy walking distance from Ashton Springs. An additional convenience is the shopping center plaza and grocery store that adjoins Patio Homes Ashton Springs to the north.

Superior local medical facilities can be found at the Clifton Springs Community Hospital & Health Center within a mile of Ashton Springs, at the center of the village. Private medical offices are also convenient, located across the street from the Ashton Springs Community.